Selection Train is a record label recently launched by long time selector and roots stalwart Jerry "Perilous" Davies. Perilous began his selecting career as a founder member of Solution Sound System UK, where he found his feet as a DJ, particularly concentrating on the deep and rare vinyl gems and dubplates of old  in complimentary contrast to Mark Solution's (at the time) mostly modern upfront selections.

After his formative years with the sound, Perilous branched out to DJ independently, working with soundsystems and promoters such as Tighten Up, Reggae Roast, Rebel Lion Soundsystem, Roots FM, The Jazz Cafe, NTS Radio, Sofrito, Reggae Rockers to name but a few. In recent years Perilous has branched out into online music blogging and begun concentratiing on building a solid production studio involving other talented artists and musicians. The first fruit of these labours is released in September 2015 - The Legendary Vin Gordon on a Perilous-produced relick of his seminal Studio 1 masterpiece "Red Blood". Expect more soundsystem-centric releases with the emphasis on real music with an upfront edge.

You can contact us at selectiontrain@gmail.com